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The Seiko Prospex Turtle Mini 200M Automatic is the latest addition to the "turtle" collection and in an all new case and size. Known as the turtle mini or mini turtle among the Seiko enthusiasts, this has a uncanny resemblance to the Turtles only in a smaller size of 42.3mm. But this isn’t just a scaled down version of the Turtles but a fresh reinterpretation of the SRP collection. An evolution is how we will put it. The longer you look at this new collection, the more you realize it’s more than its bigger brother.

Prospex for Seiko basically means "Professional Specification" that their timepieces in this category  are built with very high standards to be used by professionals. One of the most popular releases in recent years is probably the remake of the Seiko 6309 (circa 1976-1988) commonly known as the turtle. The original 6309 divers are pretty rare given its short 12 years production lifespan. Although there are many exmples in the market, there are less than a dozen that are original.

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