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Sumo, Samurai, Turtle, Monster or Tuna… Most of Seiko’s dive watches have their own nickname. While not official, they often reflect the true nature of these watches. One that we haven’t heard recently is “Shogun”, yet another ultra-robust, relatively accessible diver’s model that has remained under the shadows of its most successful counterparts, and often reserved to the domestic market. Things are changing this year, as the Prospex line welcomes new Shogun models, the Automatic Diver’s 200m Titanium SPB189J1.

Behind every nickname, there’s a reality. For this watch, the sobriquet is Shogun, meaning military general in Japanese, so you can easily understand that there’s a notion of strength and imposing presence here. In this instance, the full armour of the case, the sharp lines and the resistance of the materials gave the initial reference SBDC007 its collector’s name; Shogun. 

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