You might know that the Bradley timepiece is a unique watch you can touch or see to tell time — but the Bradley is more than a watch. Need to keep tabs on the time without being rude? Want to support a good cause? We’ve got a list of 15 ways to use the Bradley. We hope Santa has a Bradley on his list for you!

1) A way to unplug from screens. Stay offline and bundled up without distractions.

2) A way to get out of a bad date. Feels like it’s time to go!

3) A way to promote inclusive design. We’ve redesigned the modern wristwatch so more people can tell time, and in more ways.

4) A way to treat yourself.

5) A way to put the finishing touch on your outfit.

6) A way to spice up your watch collection.

7) A way to give back. We support organizations that promote accessibility, independence, and confidence for people with vision impairments. Our contributions help train guide dogs and ensure quality education for blind children in East Africa.

8) A way to keep tabs on a business meeting. Discretely feel the time under the conference room table.

9) A way to tell time if you have a vision impairment. Because the Bradley doesn’t require sight to tell time, our watch is accessible for our friends and family with vision impairments.

10) A way to break the ice at a party. The Bradley is a proven conversation-starter!

11) A way to surprise a friend or loved one.

12) A way to share a story about a person who’s breaking stereotypes. We named the Bradley after former naval officer and Paralympic gold medalist Brad Snyder, who became blind while serving as a bomb diffuser in Afghanistan. We chose Brad as our spokesperson because of his dedication to breaking down barriers for people who are blind — speaking out against stereotypes and proving that the obstacles of living with a disability come from social inequality and not from disability itself.

13) A way to stealthily check the time with in-laws. Is it getting late? Tell time by touch on the down-low.

14) A way to be a good neighbor in a movie theatre. If you need to check the time, the Bradley won’t kill the mood with a bright light.

15) A way to think outside the box. Our innovative design has won international awards. The Bradley is unlike any timepiece you’ve ever seen — or felt.