About Us

Poly Watch Marketing Sdn Bhd was established in 1990, a traditional watch shop like what you saw in most of the shopping malls.

The world is changing rapidly and we, know that traditional business going online is part of the step we must undertake. 

With this online shop, we only share and sell timepieces which are quality guaranteed and value worth. Our priority is to ensure customers satisfaction. 

Besides the branded brands that we saw daily, the first microbrand that PolyWatch brings in is EONE Bradley. We are the first authorised retailer for Eone Bradley in Malaysia.

But why EONE Bradley?

The Bradley, we don't call it a watch but a timepiece, because you no longer need to "watch" the time but you can "feel" the time. This timepiece is indeed an eye-catching and fashionable timepiece. It is a timepiece that reimagine wristwatch design which has 3 hands (hour hand, minute hand & second hand). The quality of the timepiece's material  (Titanium, Ceramics, Stainless Steel) is worth the price what you are paying.

After Eone Bradley, we list in brands like Citizen, Seiko, Premium G-shock and also Fitness brands like Coros and Garmin. 

We promise you we will continue to procure more and more quality and unique timepieces around the world to our online platform. WHY ORDINARY WHEN WE CAN BECOME EXTRAORDINARY? 

Finally, PolyWatch is committed to deliver the best products of the current market, and ensure that the items listed on our website are brand new and authentic with original warranty (p.s. PolyWatch is authorised retailer for all the brands listed). We want to thank everyone who has supported us, without you this would not be possible. Thank you!