Burgeoning Appeals of German Watches in Malaysia

Burgeoning Appeals of German Watches in Malaysia

There is a growing appreciation of German watches in Malaysia. Brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre which are Switzerland-made, renowned brand names and have strong presence in the watch industry so much so that most people know their names by the tip of their fingers. There is no denying that these watches are still exquisite and reputable in the market today. Shifting gears and technicality are the raison d’être of German watchmakers, and are no less to be observed in the watch trends of 2019. German’s watch-making industry have a much longer watch history compared to their rival counterparts. German inventor, Peter Henlein who was often credited (but sometimes refuted) as the inventor of the first pocket watch in the early 16th century. Today, we see brands such as Sinn, Nomos Glashütte, Junghans becoming much more alluring and available in the market scene of Malaysia.

The Globetrotter: Sinn Spezialuhren
Sinn is most notably known for excelling in watches that were expected to fulfil the highest technical demands. Helmut Sinn from Frankfurt, a flight instructor and formal rally participant founded his company in the early 1960s. The young professional pilot who came across dealing with on-board instruments in the Bundeswehr aircraft, sought to make timepieces that could cope with his work trade. Thus, inventing chronographs crafted predominantly for pilots. The leading approach in Sinn watches were of high durability, deep reliability, and extreme technicality. Practicing function before form in all areas of watch-making. Valued creditably among the German Federal Police Force. This present day, Sinn timepieces have grown, not only for their technical ability, but for their design.

The Chic: Nomos Glashütte
Founded in the 1990s, Nomos is one of the younger German watch-making brands. Nevertheless, its style and timepieces are dedicated to the no-nonsense approach of the Bauhaus avant-garde. Roland Schwertne, who was the architect and designer of these watches gained inspiration in his three-bedroom apartment in Glashütte mere months after the fall of the Berlin wall. Remarkably, these watches are still manufactured in Glashütte till today granting that the designs come from Berlin. These watches represents the world of clean, minimalist, no-fluff watches and are relatively affordable compared to other Glashütte greats. Its main reputation balances the high distinguished aesthetics and top quality craftmanship with a warm, friendly personality.

The Daedal: Junghans
Junghans timepieces go way back to 1861. This German watchmaking manufacturer was one of the largest factories in 1903, producing more than three million timepieces annually with over 3, 000 workers. Max Bill, who was a Bauhaus designer (architect, artist, painter, typeface designer, industrial designer and graphic designer) inspired the line of Junghans most iconic and minimalist doomed dial look. Max Bill was awarded the Sir Mischa Black award and was added to the College of Medallist in 1982. Fundamentally these timepieces are consciously understated. Fancying to underscore the personality and attitude of the wearer. Deliberately favouring the more restrained approach in watch-making. The designers at Junghans have succeeded in giving time its own face. Its looks not only bring identity to the wearer, but also professionalism to the workplace. Monica Porracin, MD of The Blue Company and UK distributor for Junghans, says that the brand is “appreciated by young professionals as well as mature watch connoisseurs”.

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