My name is KLOK-01

My name is KLOK-01

Dear future owners,

I’ll introduce myself: my name is KLOK-01, I was born in Annecy, France two years ago from a drawing sketch on a designer notebook. From a drawing I’ve become real.

I weigh 37 g, I am 44 mm diameter with thickness of 17 mm. According to my mood, I can wear yellow, blue or grey. As you’re my future owners, and as we’re going to spend a lot of time together, I though you’d be interested to know how I’m made. So come with me Time Travelers, I’ll take you behind the scenes!

Remember I’m Swiss Made, but from where? I’m produced in Switzerland then, in a town called Les Breuleux, crucible of Swiss watchmaking! And where is that?

Production of KLOK-01

Here 😉

 And how does it look like?

Town les breuleux, Switzerland

I swear this is much more welcoming when the weather is good! :-)

A meticulous hand assembly is necessary for me. Some rigorous and patient operators manipulate me in every angle to make me beautiful and as perfect as possible. As I make a point of looking good, I require a lot of work, precision and concentration.

I’m going through various stages to be made, let’s explain them!


First and foremost, I’m made of many many components! More generally, my creators at klokers have 17 suppliers for me and my little sister KLOK-02! All these elements come from all over the world but 60 percent of value comes from Switzerland: well, I’m Swiss Made labelled! Every single component is inspected and then assembled one by one by hand.

Preparation KLOK-01

Some components for my case and movements


I really need energy and vitamins for my everyday life! Luckily, one of my components is a powerful Swiss Made movement and thanks to it I’m in top form!

KLOK-01 movement


Well, you know I don’t have any hands. My creator especially does not like to do like everybody else! But in watchmaking jargon, this step which consists in positioning hands in a watch is named « hands-fitting ». So let’s create a word for klokers then: « discs-fitting »! I’m quite innovative in that sense as I’m made of three discs, each one for hours, minutes and seconds. My discs are quite big and that’s really new in watchmaking!

This step particularly requires extreme precision and meticulousness! Because of the design, discs during assembly have to be perfectly concentric at 0,23 one-hundredth and as plan as possible. I hold my breath every time when my gentle operator Lydia does that!

Hands-Fitting KLOK-01


At that stage, I’m going through a lot of very-demanding tests to check my general functioning. I hate that stage. You know why? Because they put me into a machine called « Cyclotest » which shakes me in every direction for 24 hours! That makes me a little sick but well that is the procedure. 😉

Indenting test KLOK-01

Instrument of torture…


I’m finally definitively assembled and my water resistance is tested! Another tests and another instrument of torture: leak testing machine!

Leak testing KLOK-01


Once all these steps have been validated, the whole team checks me in order to verify planarity of my discs, righ indexation, my overall esthetic quality, proper functioning of push-button, time setting, etc. Then, they clean me, I’m now ready to get packed! 😉

Here we are Time Travelers, you know now how I’m made. Soon we’ll celebrate together my future wedding with the klokers bracelet! 😀

Next week, you’ll know more about all this! Talk soon then!

Thank you for reading, and for your support!

Signed: KLOK-01.