Tissot Revives the PR516 Chronograph with a Hand-Wind Movement

Tissot Revives the PR516 Chronograph with a Hand-Wind Movement

In recent times, among Swiss watchmakers, Tissot has emerged as a leading brand in crafting enthusiast watches that are easily accessible. The remarkable popularity of contemporary models such as the PRX can be directly linked to Tissot’s renowned legacy of producing high-quality timepieces that garner the admiration of wearers. Notably, the origin story of the PR series, especially the iconic Tissot PR516, is a compelling narrative in its own right.

In the iconic year of 1965, amidst Muhammad Ali's historic victory over Sonny Liston and NASA's Mariner IV's journey past Mars, a legend emerged on Earth. Enter the Tissot "PR" series, standing for "Particularly Robust" (a fitting designation) or "Precision and Resistance" (equally apt). Its debut marked a significant milestone in watchmaking. The original PR516, stemming from the esteemed Seastar lineage, earned acclaim not only for its waterproof design but also for its exceptional durability. Tissot, however, recognized its potential beyond the depths of the ocean, envisioning it as a timepiece fit for both everyday wear and high-speed adventures on the racetrack. Thus, the PR516 was born, a symbol of resilience and performance. Today, this legendary timepiece undergoes a revival, continuing its legacy of excellence.

The PR516 chronograph, introduced in 1970, represented a groundbreaking achievement of its era. With its triple register layout, tachymetric bezel, luminous hands, and renowned reliability, it captured the imagination of watch enthusiasts. So much so that Peruvian rally legend Henry Bradley proudly sported one, even engraving its name on his Ferrari race car. Notably, this iconic timepiece found its way onto the wrist of a world-famous MI6 agent in the 1973 film, Live and Let Die. Now, as Tissot revisits the PR516 chronograph for contemporary times, it does so with utmost care and reverence for its illustrious heritage.


In 1970, the Tissot PR516 chronograph stood as a marvel of its era, boasting a cutting-edge triple register layout, a tachymetric bezel, luminous hands, and a renowned reputation for reliability. Its appeal extended far beyond functionality, as evidenced by Peruvian rally icon Henry Bradley proudly sporting one and immortalizing its name on his Ferrari race car. Notably, this iconic timepiece found its way onto the wrist of a certain world-famous MI6 agent in the 1973 film, Live and Let Die. Now, as Tissot embarks on reimagining the PR516 chronograph for today's discerning audience, it does so with meticulous care and tasteful consideration of its illustrious heritage.

The PR516 Chronograph Mechanical marks a significant milestone as the inaugural timepiece to feature Tissot’s Valjoux A05.291 movement. Derived from the 7753 caliber, this new movement underwent substantial enhancements, including the removal of the automatic winding block, replaced by a meticulously decorated bridge. Opting for a manually wound movement serves to establish a nostalgic connection to its vintage predecessors while maintaining a sleek profile. Despite its traditional power delivery mechanism, the A05.291 boasts impressive modern specifications, offering a robust 68-hour power reserve and exceptional magnetic resistance courtesy of its Nivachron balance spring. Operating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz), it achieves an accuracy of within +/- 5 seconds per day and incorporates various technological advancements in shock protection and regulation. In essence, the Valjoux A05.291 embodies a harmonious blend of classic craftsmanship and contemporary functionality.

There's no denying the challenge of crafting a top-tier chronograph in today's market. Yet, Tissot rises to the occasion, breathing new life into a cherished historical automotive chronograph, tailored perfectly for today's discerning audience. Enter the revamped PR516 collection, available in both quartz and mechanical iterations, embodying the quintessence of a sports chronograph: reliability, elegance, and the assurance of a companion that not only celebrates crossing the finish line but accompanies you through every twist and turn of life's journey.