HANDS-ON: OK, this might be the Tissot PRX you’ve been waiting for...PRX 35mm - by TIME + TIDE

HANDS-ON: OK, this might be the Tissot PRX you’ve been waiting for...PRX 35mm - by TIME + TIDE

From online discussions to leaks, and most recently, our introducing post, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the new Tissot PRX 35. We finally got the chance, and made the most of our time with these five gems. By this point, the PRX talk is probably coming out of your ears, so we’ll keep the introduction brief. Though its bigger brother, the 40mm, was and still is a smash hit, some have had concerns about its non-articulating lugs, making the otherwise comfortable bracelet unwearable for some. The PRX 35mm solves those issues, and introduces a slew of new colours.

Phenomenally versatile sizing

tissot prx 35 hands on

Like the name suggests, these are 35mm in diameter, though we know that’s not the most important measurement when it comes to a PRX. The watch measures in at a minute 39mm lug-to-lug, though when you throw in that fixed first bracelet link, the 44.7mm measurement is a lot more reasonable. The case finishing is identical to that of the 40mm, with vertically brushed surfaces dominating the subtle polished highlights along the case sides and between the well-articulated links. Not only do you (potentially) benefit from a smaller diameter, the 35mm also diets down to a 9.9mm thickness, down half a millimetre from the original.

The PRX 40mm and 35mm on my 6.1in (15.5cm) wrist

Placed side by side, the reduction in size is more drastic than the dimensions suggest on paper. I found the 35mm PRX multitudes more comfortable, as the reduced size gave the bracelet the opportunity to conform to my wrist even better. The small C-shaped links are just as wonderfully articulated as in the original. I look forward to where Tissot takes the strap options for the 35mm PRX – a nice leather strap would be sick.

Five dial colours to choose from

tissot prx 35 hands on

If the PRX 40mm in PVD gold was christened the 111, the 35mm could be the 55 and a half? All jokes aside, this golden beauty spent considerable time on my wrist, still tick-tocking away as I’m typing this review. Unlike the 40mm, the 35mm sports a sunburst gold dial, with gold hands, indices and yellow-toned date wheel, all to match the gold case and bracelet. Nice one Tissot, you really know what gets me going.

tissot prx 35 hands on

Next up, we see a reduced version of the 40mm quartz with opaline silver dial and rose gold hands and indices. Once again, it loses the vertically brushed dial, opting for a sunburst finish instead.

tissot prx 35 hands on

This gorgeous sky blue number is up next. While not the exact shade of a particular blue that’s been getting a lot of coverage, it’s clear to see that it’s the colour of 2022, following the green trend of 2020. A nice detail is the subtle change in colour of silver used for the hands and applied indices. Instead of a bright, silver finish, they’re polished to a metallic anthracite colour. Once again, the date wheel is matched to the dial, with dark grey printing. Chef’s kiss.

It wouldn’t be an integrated bracelet sports watch without a blue dial, and this one is a clear descendant of the 40mm model. While the dial still transitions from a dark navy to a royal blue depending on light, it forgoes the overt sunray brushing, opting for a grained texture instead.

Last but not least, the minty turquoise colour offers a nice alternative to the rich forest green of the 40mm model, for a much more youthful, summery colour.

Accurate, reliable and period correct – it’s quartz

Powered by the ETA F05.115 Swiss quartz movement, the PRX’s cost is as good as ever, while ensuring long-term reliability. Featuring an end-of-life indicator, the handy feature will tell you when it’s time to pop the caseback and replace the battery.

The verdict

tissot prx 35 hands on

I love what Tissot has been up to lately, and it’s about to get even more exciting with the soon-to-come PRX Chrono. The PRX 35mm fits perfectly into that mindset, providing excellent style from a brand with real legacy, at a decent price point. One final pro tip – visit a boutique and see these watches in person. Tissot has done themselves a huge disservice with the photos on their website.

Tissot PRX 35mm pricing and availability:

The Tissot PRX 35mm is available from the Time+Tide shop, in all five colourways – PVD Gold, Silver, Sky Blue, Blue and Green

Brand Tissot
Model PRX 35mm
Reference Number T137. (Silver)
T137. (Blue)
T137. (Green)
T137.210.11.351.00 (Light blue)
T137. (PVD gold)
Case Dimensions 35mm x 44.7mm x 9.9mm
Case Material Stainless steel
Stainless steel with PVD gold (T137.
Water Resistance 10 bar
Dial Silver with rose gold indices
Blue with silver indices
Green with silver indices
Light blue with anthracite indices
Gold with gold indices
Crystal Flat sapphire crystal
Strap Integrated bracelet, stainless steel
Movement ETA F05.115 Swiss quartz, EOL-indicator